Our History

At DIGITAL ARK, LLC, we have created THE WORLD'S DIGITAL MUSEUM ™ , which is in essence a safety deposit box for your memories....your story...told your way, and protected forever. Think of a digital time capsule, or better yet, an archive known as NOAH ™ (Network Optimized Archive of History).

By creating a NOAH/ TIMELINE contributors can place their high value digital elements into a story that unfolds as they choose. This can be done as a memorial (one-time) archive or a living (ongoing) archive; an individual or a group. That archive is then available permanently, by authorized access, shared access or as a public archive, all that can be experienced forever.

NOAH - A Brief History

Sometimes, great ideas are inspired from the anguish of disaster. A few years ago, I had the sad opportunity to witness a dear friend's house burn to the ground. As friends and family stood helplessly, watching the flames consume this home, we were all inspired by its owner. This incredible lady who had been through the loss of her husband, and the untimely and accidental death of her son, now stood watching her home disappear, and sought to comfort us. "The house is just wood and stone, we can rebuild it. The only thing I regret is the loss of our pictures, especially those of Jeff (her son), and the family Bible with its historic contents." These items truly were irreplaceable and to each surviving member of the family...priceless.

Aren't we all in just about the same shape, one fire away from losing our family history forever, or more often, losing these priceless gems, these LifeMedia to the deteriorating realities of time itself. Does it have to end this way? No. Current technology has created opportunities for the preservation of both physical and digital LifeMedia.

  • LifeMedia: the priceless documents, photographs, home movies and videos that weave our personal or group stories.
  • The idea of protecting and presenting them permanently was not even considered…until now.


Well, since I had spent some 16 years providing archiving solutions to Fortune 500 companies, I was confident that it was possible to create a cost effective, long term archive for mankind. More importantly, I had a network of great technical and business talent to draw from. I called on the one person I knew I could trust to oversee the build of our archive, Mr. Michael Cartina, President, Digital Ark, LLC.

Mike’s unique experience as Vice President of World Technical Support for a public software company that had been the leader in high volume archiving for over 20 years, left him uniquely qualified to assist in all phases of the site build, archiving and long term storage strategies as well as actual product launch. Together, Mike and I researched development firms that we felt met our criterion of quality and experience. We ultimately chose the team at LevelTen Design in Dallas, TX and together with our good friend and co-developer, Mr. Michael Richardson (Time Glider), we have created internet application known as NOAH. NOAH stands for Network Optimized Archive of History.

The contributions, in the form of LifeMedia and the stories that bring that media to life, are what make up THE WORLD’S DIGITAL MUSEUM. This archive will serve as a digital time-capsule, a safety deposit box for your memories. Your story will be told your way, and protected forever. The mission of NOAH is to serve this and future generations by collecting, preserving, and exhibiting LifeMedia at the highest possible standards. NOAH's principal duty is to keep its contributions intact, in optimum condition, allowing future generations the opportunity to view them as per the intention of the archive's creator. And that is exactly what we intend to do.

Best regards and Happy Archiving,
Bridges Hague, CEO
Digital Ark, LLC