Are you ready to create your place in history?

We invite you to become a member of The World’s Digital Museum as expressed through the internet application NOAH or Network Optimized Archive of History. Take advantage of an opportunity to create your own permanent archive; an archive which is maintained within a feature-rich digital museum that affords its contributors the benefits of privacy, security and multi-generational access for an affordable, one-time fee.

Your use of proprietary NOAH™ THE WORLD’S DIGITAL MUSEUM™ software enables you to upload, store, preserve, and present your most valuable Life Media. With NOAH™, your image files, sound files, and other digital assets are stored and preserved on NOAH’s medical grade servers to keep your personal archives 100% protected and secure. Every item you add to your personal archive will be preserved for future generations, enabling them to build upon this living history.

What our Members Say

Now we can bring the county’s history to life and share it with all citizens ...
Dorothy Leach, NOAH Project Leader and Secretary, Somervell County Historical Commission,
I take pride in creating short documentaries of our vacations and other big family events…like birthday parties, pine-derby races, camp outs and so on. DVDs are great but they get lost, and are hard to share… so my projects go on the timeline… and the Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins and friends can easily share in what’s going on with us.
Glyndon Hague, Executive, Husband, Father,
I have one son in the United States Marine Corps. and another son in the United States Coast Guard. The photos and stories of the boys and their friends come from all parts of the globe. Regardless of where everyone may be, the NOAH archive allows us all to contribute to and access a single, private source, while simultaneously creating our permanent historical record.
Jennifer Bridges-McNeil, Wife, Mother of Two, Insurance Executive,
We like NOAH because our archive is private yet easily shared with those we trust. NOAH allows us to manage our life media in one place and creates a searchable archive for generations to come. A NOAH family archive truly is the project of a lifetime.
Teresa Mascola, Science Teacher, and Mother of Two,
For my family, it is about keeping a record of our life as it is unfolding. Before NOAH we had our priceless videos and images all over the place, between computers, phones, multiple camera disks, and even more than one online share facility. It was too much. Now we can consolidate not just our media, but more importantly, our story.
Sophia Hague, Wife, Mother, Adventurer,